«Redis» is the first healthy food cafe in Yekaterinburg. The restaurant's menu uses low-calorie foods, fresh salads, fruits and herbs.
The assortment of the cafe is represented by a large selection of teas and fresh juices from vegetables, fruits and berries.
Opposite each dish, the nutritional and energy component is indicated, which allows you to calculate the calorie content of a dish as accurately as possible, develop a diet balanced in terms of the number of calories and energy value.

Always in touch!
In our cafe, guests can not only enjoy delicious and low-calorie dishes, but also receive nice gifts! What do you need to do for this? Just subscribe to our social networks in order not to miss out on generous contests and sweepstakes, and also be the first to know all the news and announcements!
Proper nutrition at "REDIS"!
If you adhere to proper nutrition, keep an eye on your figure and health, or follow the recommendations of your trainer, then the menu of our cafe will definitely suit you! Especially for our guests, we have calculated the KBZHU of each dish, so that you can order exactly what will suit you!
A delicious and healthy breakfast, rich in proteins and without harm to your figure, is the key to a good day and a great mood!

Breakfasts at REDIS CAFE are a wide variety of balanced
dishes and additives for every taste.
Wherever your day starts, enjoy it and use the REDIS CAFE breakfast!

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Our contacts:
Address: Yekaterinburg, st. Sacco and Vanzetti, 99,
KD "Tikhvin", 2nd floor
Phone: +7 343 215 91-68
Email: restaurant@tikhvin-dom.ru
Delivery hours during the reconstruction of the hall: Mon-Fri 09: 00-20: 30,
Sat-Sun 10: 00-20: 30
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When ordering to remote areas (Palniks, Kaseozersky 1 and 2 and other cottage settlements), as well as to points outside EKAD, specify the delivery cost by phone.
+7 343 215-91-68
When ordering less than 1500 rubles.
delivery - RUB 300 * (Academic, Uralmash, Sorting,
Pionersky district, Broad river)
delivery - 500 rubles * (Koltsovo, Himmash, Botanika, Elmash)
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